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We finally have the Wood & Wire 12" vinyl and CDs in stock!

Limited edition translucent Purple Vinyl - comes with Lyric Sheet Insert & Digital Download Card.

Coma Wall
A1. Summer
A2. You Are My Death
A3. Cutter’s Choice

B1. Soil
B2. Killer Bob
B3. Hives

Digipak featuring Craig Bryant's original sketch for the artwork and a bonus Coma Wall track - their rendition of Undersmile's "Big Wow."


"I was really impressed by Narwhal when I reviewed it last year, and really wondered if the follow-up would be up-to-scratch in comparison, but I genuinely think this split marks the best thing these four Oxfordshire smashers have done yet. Bloody great." - The Sleeping Shaman

"The loud Undersmile part is and almost the flip side of ugly to the lovely first side. It's as nasty as getting no likes on that amazing facebook post you made and will give you AIDS unless you wears condoms over you ears when you listen to it." - Beard Rock, 5/5

"'Wood & Wire' is an extraordinary release, which essentially exhibits two sides of the same coin. The material is very strong on both the A and the B side, and listeners previously familiar with Undersmile's grungier, sludgier side will find the Coma Wall songs especially revelatory. One has to wonder what the future holds for this flexible foursome, and whether one project will take priority over the other, but it has to be said that on this evidence, both are more than worthy of success in their own right. Gripping stuff." - The Sludgelord

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