• Image of Double Headed Siren Hoodie (w/zip)

We're very pleased to be graced with another original Tony Roberts design after his work on our album Narwhal. This is the first run of hoodies we've ever done.

Two colour design depicting a double-headed siren on a black AWDIS hoodie with zip. The design will be on the back and the Undersmile font will be on the front left breast.

This is what Tony had to say about the inspiration for his design:
"When I was working on Narwhal, toward the end I was inspired by Undersmile’s dual vocals. At the time we were moving in a sort of nautical direction so I thought of a 2 headed and 2 voiced Siren. I thought it was a great image so I carried it around with me. Once I started doing research and digging deeper (too deep sometimes) I found that the sirens were not, as I had visualized, half fish mermaids. Sirens in mythology were said to be part BIRD and part human female. The amount of each varies and I’ll say it’s licensed to artists ;). I think this is actually makes better sense than siren as mermaid…you know….the siren song, the song bird. The story goes that the sirens were cannibals that only lived until a sailor could withstand their lure and pass them by. Heavy."

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